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In the demanding world of construction, the performance of heavy machinery is paramount. Align MFG manufacturers’ gears that drive the essential equipment used across construction sites such as gearboxes.

Our Gear Range

Worm Gears: Ideal for applications that require precise control and high torque, making them perfect for use in cranes and hoists.

Bevel Gears: Their unique shape allows for effective power transmission across non-parallel axes, essential for the articulated movement in loaders and dump trucks.

Helical Gears: With their helical cut teeth, these gears operate more smoothly and quietly than their counterparts, ideal for power transmission in high-load machinery such as graders and trenchers.

Internal Gears: Offering an efficient solution in compact spaces, these are used in applications requiring robust internal mechanisms, like within compact track loaders.

Spur Gears: Known for their simplicity and effectiveness, these gears are commonly found in simpler machinery, providing reliable service in applications such as mixers and pavers.

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Align MFG's Manufacturing Techniques

At Align MFG, we utilize a range of manufacturing processes to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry:

Stamping and Forging

These processes are ideal for producing gears that require high strength and durability, often used in the structural components of construction equipment.

Sand Casting and Die Casting

Perfect for creating complex shapes with excellent detail and accuracy, these methods are used extensively for both standard and bespoke gear applications.

Precision Machining

Ensures that every gear meets exact specifications with high-quality finishes, crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of construction machinery.

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Custom Engineering Solutions

We recognize the unique challenges posed by the construction industry. Align MFG offers tailored solutions, designing and producing gears that fit the precise needs of your projects.

Our gears operate with minimal friction and endure constant wear and tear. With cost-effective and strategically located manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, India, and Thailand, Align MFG ensures a reliable supply of superior quality gears across industries.

We leverage diverse manufacturing processes and a wide range of materials – from high-strength iron to lightweight aluminum – to deliver custom gear solutions that meet your project's exact needs.

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