Driving Railway Performance: Essential Gears


Gears play an essential role in the operation and efficiency of railway applications, from locomotives to signalling equipment. 

Align MFG manufacturers gears that meet the rigorous demands of the railway industry, emphasizing durability and performance.

Find the Perfect Gear for Your Application

Worm Gears

Ideal for applications requiring high torque and load capacity with minimal noise, our worm gears are used in railway signaling devices and switching mechanisms.

Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are pivotal in allowing differential speeds in the railway's wheels, necessary for handling curves effectively, ensuring smooth and safe turns.

Helical Gears

With their angled teeth, helical gears provide continuous engagement along with reduced vibration, which is crucial for high-speed rail applications.

Internal Gears

These gears are used in compact spaces within railway applications, providing high torque transmission with minimal noise, perfect for onboard systems.

Spur Gears

Known for their reliability in consistent motion applications, spur gears are commonly used in railway track inspection devices.

Advanced Manufacturing processes

Align MFG provides a variety of advanced manufacturing processes to produce gears of the highest standard for the railway industry. 

Along with Sand Casting, CNC Machining, and Precision Machining, we also utilize other manufacturing processes to accommodate a broader range of gear specifications. We work with top-tier Stainless Steel and robust alloys to supply metal gears that excel in both performance and durability.

With our production facilities strategically located in Vietnam, India, and Thailand, we provide a valuable alternative to relying on Chinese supply chains. Our locations ensure exceptional efficiency and cost optimization, enhancing supply chain logistics for our clients.

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Quality Assurance and Standards Compliance

Quality is non-negotiable at Align MFG. We enforce rigorous quality control protocols, including AQL (Accepted Quality Level) testing, to guarantee that each gear conforms to international quality standards.

Tailored Solutions and Proactive Project Management

Recognizing the unique demands of the railway industry, Align MFG specializes in manufacturing high-quality gear solutions. Our end-to-end project management process is designed to handle every aspect from design through to production and delivery, ensuring that every gear is manufactured to your specific needs and timelines. We focus on providing a seamless, hassle-free experience, helping you keep your projects on track and moving smoothly.

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