Aluminum - Gravity Casting

Facing challenges in finding lightweight yet strong components for your manufacturing needs?

Gravity casting with aluminum, a specialty of Align MFG, provides a solution. This process is renowned for its ability to produce durable and precise aluminum components, essential in various industries.

  • Lightweight Strength: Aluminum’s lightweight nature, combined with its considerable strength, addresses common concerns about weight and durability in manufacturing.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental factors, aluminum's corrosion resistance extends the lifespan of components.

Experience the Precision of Align MFG's Lost Foam Investment

Manufacturing precise molds tailored to each project, ensuring the final aluminum castings are true to design specifications.

Expertly pouring molten aluminum into molds, focusing on achieving the perfect shape and structural integrity.

Carefully removing the solidified aluminum parts from molds, maintaining the precision and quality of the casting.

Refining the shape and surface of the castings through meticulous cutting and grinding, achieving the desired finish and dimensions.

Applying protective coatings to enhance the durability and appearance of the aluminum components, based on project requirements.

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Applications of Aluminum Gravity Casting

Aluminum gravity casting is pivotal in industries like automotive and machinery. Our expertise allows us to meet diverse needs, producing parts that are not only functional but also meet exact industry specifications.

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Quality Assurance and Standards

  • Commitment to Quality: Adhering to AQL standards, we ensure each aluminum casting meets strict quality benchmarks.
  • Precision in Manufacturing: Achieving tight tolerances is crucial in aluminum gravity casting, and our process is fine-tuned to guarantee this precision.

Efficient Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Aluminum Castings

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Streamlined Shipping Solutions

We specialize in consolidating shipments, reducing logistics costs, and ensuring safe delivery of aluminum castings.

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High Packing Standards

Our rigorous packing standards protect the integrity of aluminum components during transit, addressing concerns about damage and loss.

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Customization and Client-Centric Approach

  • Tailored Solutions: Align MFG offers customized aluminum gravity casting solutions, aligning with your project specifications, budget, and timeline.
  • Clear Communication: We prioritize clear and consistent communication throughout the project, ensuring a smooth and transparent process from start to finish.
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Transform Your Aluminum Component Manufacturing with Align MFG

Struggling with the complexities of aluminum component production? Discover how Align MFG's gravity casting services can be your pathway to success.

 With our expert operations in India, Thailand, and Vietnam, we offer a reliable escape from the manufacturing limitations often encountered with Chinese suppliers. By partnering with multiple factories across South East Asia, we not only ensure a steady supply of high-quality, low-cost metal components but also position ourselves as your strategic lifeline for manufacturing metal components outside China. 

Contact Align MFG today to revolutionize your aluminum manufacturing process with our expert gravity casting solutions.