Cold Forging

Exploring reliable and precise cold forging services?

Cold forging, known for its efficiency and precision, is a pivotal process in metal manufacturing. At Align MFG, we employ advanced cold forging techniques across our strategically located facilities:

Thailand, Vietnam, and India Facilities: Each location is equipped with appropriate manufacturing technologies for cold forging, ensuring consistent quality and precision across our global operations.

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Transforming Design Concepts into Reality with Align MFG

  • Quality Assurance: Across Thailand, Vietnam, and India, our rigorous quality control, including AQL and third-party testing, guarantees exceptional manufacturing standards.
  • Logistics and Shipment Consolidation: We excel in efficient logistics management, reducing costs and enhancing supply chain reliability.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Our facilities are adept at achieving tight tolerances, essential for the demanding specifications of our clients..
  • Superior Packing Standards: Align MFG's commitment to safe transport is reflected in our high packing standards, ensuring product integrity from our facilities to your doorstep.

Why Choose Align MFG for Cold Forging?

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Global Reach, Local Expertise

Our facilities in Thailand, Vietnam, and India bring global expertise to your local needs, ensuring a diversified and resilient supply chain.


Cost-Effective Quality

We combine affordability with superior quality, offering the best value in cold forging.


Reliability and Precision

Our commitment to precision manufacturing means you can trust us to deliver components that meet your exact specifications.

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Budget Friendly, On-Time Delivery

Align MFG ensures reliable, cost-effective manufacturing solutions out of China, focusing on staying within budget, delivering on time, and maintaining high quality.

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For top-tier cold forging solutions that bridge precision and efficiency, reach out to Align MFG. Our facilities in Thailand, Vietnam, and India are ready to meet your industry's specific needs with excellence and reliability.