Investment Casting

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Discover Precision Investment Casting with a Difference

Seeking the right manufacturing partner in Southeast Asia can be daunting. At Align MFG, we understand these struggles. Ingrained with U.S. quality standards, our team ensures your investment casting needs are met with unparalleled precision. We are your solution to manufacturing excellence – understanding and overcoming the challenges of international manufacturing with expertise and clear communication.

Our Experience in Investment Casting

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Manufacturing Precision Metal Parts

We specialize in high-resolution, intricate components with tight tolerances.

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Creating Complex Parts

We excel in crafting intricate metal parts with low tolerances and high resolution.

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Meeting Stringent Specifications

Align MFG guarantees high-quality results, adhering to your exact specifications.

Leveraging years of experience, Align MFG offers expert investment casting services, benefiting from strategic locations in Thailand, Vietnam, and India. We ensure a seamless manufacturing process, catering to a wide range of industrial applications.

Investment Casting Materials and Processes

Duplex Steel: Notable for its strength and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel: Chosen for its durability and aesthetic qualities.

Carbon Steel: Versatile and widely used in numerous applications.

Advanced Foam Technique: Switch to our Lost Foam casting for intricate designs without the complexity of wax.

Effortless Complexity: Achieve complex shapes effortlessly, with foam vaporizing to create precise metal castings.

Increased Complexity: Eliminate wax melting steps, streamlining your production process.

Explore our Lost Foam Casting process for smarter, faster results.

Intricate Precision: Opt for our Lost Wax Casting to turn intricate designs into high-precision metal parts.

Seamless Process: Experience the seamless transition from wax to detailed metal with our expert method.

Perfect for Complexity: Ideal for complex designs demanding the highest level of detail.

Discover the possibilities with Lost Wax Casting and elevate your product quality.

Industry Applications of Investment Casting

Investment casting is vital in industries such as Oil and Gas, Railway, Construction, Trucks and Trailers, and various Industrial sectors. We align our casting solutions to meet the unique challenges of these industries, ensuring superior quality and performance.

Why Choose Align MFG
for Your Investment Casting Needs?

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Concerned about the status and quality of your orders?

Align MFG alleviates these concerns. With our extensive experience, we provide assurance and confidence, ensuring your products are delivered on time and with the quality you expect. Amidst rising global tensions and trade uncertainties, we stand as your trustworthy partner in Southeast Asia, committed to delivering excellence and reliability in every project.

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