Oil and Gas - Flanges


In the demanding realm of oil and gas, flanges are crucial for operational integrity and efficiency. At Align MFG, we specialize in manufacturing top-grade flanges, tailored for both large-scale and specialized needs. 

Our expertise ensures every flange, whether in bulk or as a single piece, upholds the rigorous standards of the oil and gas industry.

Types and Applications of Flanges in Oil & Gas

  • Diverse Range: From the robust Welded Neck Flange to the versatile Threaded Flange, the solid Blind Flange, and the specialized Gearbox and Housing Flanges, our product lineup addresses all your flange requirements.

Produced through the forging process, these flanges benefit from enhanced durability and strength as the metal is shaped under high pressure and temperature to create a uniform, dense grain structure

  • Versatile Applications: Our flanges are the backbone of pipelines, drilling rigs, and processing plants, ensuring safety and reliability under demanding conditions.

Custom Solutions for Oil & Gas Flanges

Every project in the oil and gas industry is unique. That's why we offer custom flange solutions, perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. 

Quality Standards and Compliance

Adherence to stringent AQL quality standards and compliance with safety regulations is not just a commitment but a core principle at Align MFG.

Supply Chain and Logistics Expertise

 Align MFG’s efficient supply chain management ensures the timely and reliable delivery of flanges, even in the most challenging environments.


Material Selection and Manufacturing Process

  • Superior Materials for Demanding Environments: We choose durable and corrosion-resistant metals like steel, aluminum, and iron for our flanges.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Align MFG’s manufacturing process guarantees flanges that meet the highest standards of precision and quality

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