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Unmatched Precision in Couplings

Our sand-cast couplings are not just tough and exact; they're essential for linking two shafts end-to-end, ensuring your power gets where it needs to go in oil and gas setups. Designed to unite rotating equipment while allowing for a bit of flex or shifting, these couplings make sure everything stays in sync, even under tough conditions.

Count on us to bring reliability to the table, as we play a pivotal part in supporting the performance and safety standards of the oil and gas industry.

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Material Selection for Optimal Performance

The choice of materials is crucial. We select aluminium and steel for their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability, meeting the specific requirements of various coupling applications.


Customization and Engineering

Align MFG prides itself on offering custom solutions. Our engineering expertise allows us to tailor couplings to unique specifications, as showcased in our diverse portfolio of custom-engineered projects.

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Quality Assurance and Industry Standards

We adhere to strict quality standards and certifications, ensuring each coupling meets the highest levels of safety and performance. Rigorous testing and quality control are integral to our manufacturing process.

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Global Reach and Supply Chain Efficiency

Our global supply chain, extending beyond China to regions like Vietnam, India, and Thailand, ensures efficient production and delivery. This strategic approach offers our clients a reliable alternative for sourcing high-quality couplings.

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Choose Align MFG for metal couplings that don’t just meet but redefine industry benchmarks in quality and precision for the Oil and gas industry. 

Tailored to your specific needs, our coupling solutions embody reliability and efficiency. When it comes to meeting project specifications, respecting your budget, and ensuring on-time delivery of high-quality components, we're the partners you can trust. But our expertise doesn't end with couplings; we cater to a wide array of metal components across various industries, offering versatile, high-quality solutions.