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Investment Casting in Carbon Steel

  • Are you facing challenges in achieving precise details in intricate carbon steel components?
  • Do you require a casting process that ensures high reliability and consistent quality for critical applications?
  • Need a solution for carbon steel components that combines intricate detailing with robust strength and long-term durability?

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Align MFG
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High-Strength Castings

Align MFG specializes in meeting these critical needs by leveraging our extensive network of low-cost factories in Vietnam, India, and Thailand. Our expertise in investment casting with carbon steel ensures precision, reliability, and durability in your components, while accommodating diverse requirements and providing competitive solutions, particularly in demanding sectors like Oil & Gas.

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Quality at the Core

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Align MFG. Our investment casting process is rigorously monitored to ensure the highest standards. We utilize AQL(Accepted Quality Level) techniques to guarantee that every carbon steel casting meets our clients' precise specifications and industry standards.


Custom Solutions and Tailored Services

Align MFG recognizes the distinctiveness of every project. We tailor our investment casting solutions to cater to a variety of needs.

With a commitment to achieving tight tolerances and a focus on secure shipment and packaging, we ensure your goods are delivered in perfect condition.

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