Lost Foam Investment Casting


This advanced process combines the versatility of investment casting with the precision of foam molding, offering unique solutions for intricate metal components. At Align MFG, we've honed our skills in this specialized area, delivering quality and detail in every project.

Explore our investment casting process

Experience the Precision of Align MFG's Lost Foam Investment

Each project starts with a foam pattern, an exact replica of your desired part. This ensures that every detail of your design is captured with absolute precision.

The foam pattern is coated in high-quality refractory material to create a durable mold. This step guarantees that your part withstands the rigors of the casting process, ensuring a flawless final product.

Our skilled team pours molten metal into the prepared mold, which vaporizes the foam and captures the intricacies of your design. This method is perfect for complex geometries and internal structures that other methods can't achieve.

At every stage, Align MFG's experts meticulously oversee the process. We ensure the highest fidelity in design replication and structural integrity, translating your vision into a tangible, high-quality metal component.

We're not just casting metal; we're crafting your vision. Trust Align MFG to bring your most complex designs to life with the precision and care they deserve.

Transforming Your Projects with Lost Foam Investment Casting

Lost Foam

Precision for Complex Designs

Our process excels in engineering intricate shapes and internal structures, crucial for industries like oil and gas where detailed, high-precision components are essential for safety and functionality.

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Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

The precision casting reduces the need for secondary machining, offering time and cost savings in industries such as construction and industrial manufacturing, where rapid production of robust parts is key.


Customized Solutions Across Industries

From trucking and trailers to railway systems, our ability to manufacture detailed, durable parts in a single step ensures we meet diverse industry needs, providing custom solutions where traditional methods fall short.

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Strategic Consolidation and Cost-Effective Solutions

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Align MFG plays a crucial role in optimizing supply chains. Our expertise in consolidating shipments, especially in regions like Vietnam, India, and Thailand , significantly reduces logistics costs and enhances efficiency, offering a reliable alternative to traditional sourcing from China.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Success with Align MFG

  • Partnership with multiple factories for diverse OEM metal casting needs.
  • Adherence to budget and on-time delivery commitments.
  • Consistent achievement of tight tolerances in product manufacturing.
  • Superior packing standards to ensure product safety and integrity.
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