Welding and Assembly

Welding and Assembly: Solving Your Manufacturing Challenges

Tired of dealing with subpar welding results?

Finding it difficult to efficiently assemble intricate metal components?

Worried about the dependability and accuracy of your final assembled units?

In search of a more efficient and budget-friendly approach to fabrication?

Our Stamping Facilities

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Precision Welding: Overcoming Quality Hurdles

  • Versatile Welding Techniques: Our diverse welding capabilities cater to a broad range of materials and project requirements, eliminating inconsistencies and flaws.
  • Quality at the Core: We prioritize impeccable quality in our metal welding services, ensuring strong, durable joins that stand the test of time.

Explore our fabrication processes

Assembly: Precision in Integration

  • Complex Made Simple: Our assembly services are designed to handle intricate designs with precision, turning complex component integration into a seamless process.
  • Quality Control: In assembly, we implement rigorous AQL quality checks, ensuring that every metal piece meets the highest standards of accuracy and functionality.

Explore our fabrication processes

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Why Choose Align MFG for Welding and Assembly?

  • Seamless Integration: Opt for Align MFG and enjoy the benefits of having a single, reliable manufacturer for both welding and assembly, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the importance of budget constraints and offer welding and assembly services that balance quality with cost-effectiveness.
  • Consolidation of Shipments: We excel in consolidating shipments in Southeast and South Asia, efficiently reducing logistics costs, especially for LCL shipments from multiple vendors.
  • Hitting Tight Tolerances: Our manufacturing processes are designed to achieve very tight tolerances, ensuring each part precisely fits within your specifications.
  • Packing Standards: We maintain high packing standards to protect goods during transit, dedicating time and care to prevent any damage.

Equipped Facilities in Metal Manufacturing

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Local Expertise

Our equipment and technology in welding and assembly ensure efficient and precise fabrication in India or Vietnam.

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Skilled Workforce

Our team of experts brings skill, experience, and attention to detail to every project.


Timely and Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our commitment is to deliver your projects on schedule and within budget, offering cost-effective solutions without ever compromising on quality.

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your Welding and Assembly project with Align MFG?

 Whether it's for the highly competitive oil and gas industry or any other sector, Align MFG collaborates with multiple factories across Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, India, and Thailand, to supply superior metal components. Contact us now to explore how we can meet your specific requirements and elevate your manufacturing success.