High-Pressure Die Casting


High-Pressure Die Casting at Align MFG

At Align MFG, we're not just manufacturing high-pressure die cast components- we’re crafting precision-engineered solutions that power a multitude of industries. With factories located in Thailand, Vietnam, and India, we are adept at handling both aluminium and zinc metal productions. Our focus is on delivering components that are not only precise but also embody the durability essential for diverse applications.

Our services


Aluminum Die Casting

Custom aluminum casting solutions for lightweight, high-strength components.


Zinc Die Casting

Zinc casting for high-precision, durable parts.

Suitable for complex shapes and thin walls in various applications.

Our Process

At Align MFG, we excel in bringing your designs to life with precision and quality. Our process is tailored to efficiently transform client-provided designs into high-performance, high-pressure die casting components.


Once we receive your design, our team engages in meticulous planning and execution. We ensure every specification you provide is met with the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.


Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain rigorous quality checks. This commitment to quality ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Empowering HPDC

Align MFG is a leading supplier of high-pressure die-casting services to the oil and gas industry.

Die Cast Vent Release valve

  • Oil and Gas
  • High Pressure Die Cast
  • 380 ALUMINUM
  • Clear Anodizing 
  • 20,000 per year
  • Vietnam 

We also provide various product offerings that meet the rigorous demands of diverse industries.

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We use materials such as aluminium and zinc alloys to create parts according to your drawing specifications. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians is dedicated to meeting your needs.

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Why Choose Align MFG
for Die Casting?


Precision Manufacturing

Experience precision manufacturing, where our skilled technicians work together to produce high-quality castings each time.

die casting

Materials Expertise

Specializing in both aluminium and zinc, we provide versatile solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Global Reach, Local Expertise

With high-pressure die casting factories in Thailand, Vietnam, and India, we combine global reach with local expertise, ensuring seamless service and support.

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