Carbon Steel - Lost Wax

Are You Facing Challenges with Complex Component Design?

  • Struggling to achieve exceptional precision and intricate detail in your components?

  • Finding it difficult to produce complex shapes that other casting methods can't handle?

  • Need a reliable solution for parts requiring high dimensional accuracy and intricate designs?

Discover how investment casting, also known as the lost wax process, can address these challenges effectively.

Align MFG's Expertise in Investment Casting

At Align MFG, we specialize in carbon steel castings, delivering high-quality components that meet stringent industry standards. Our experienced team ensures every part adheres to the exact specifications required by our clients.

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Why Choose Carbon Steel?

Renowned for its strength and affordability, carbon steel is an ideal material for investment casting, particularly in industries where Align MFG excels in providing a diverse range of product offerings.

Customization and Design Support

Align MFG excels in delivering investment casting services, focusing on meeting the tight tolerances required for each unique project. Our team expertly collaborates with clients from design to production, ensuring every component, whether custom or standard, precisely conforms to the specified measurements. This attention to detail is vital for seamless part integration and optimal functionality in their final application.

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Streamlining Supply Chains with Align MFG

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Reliable Supply Chain Transition

  • We specialize in transitioning supply chains from China to more cost-effective locations.
  • Our manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, Thailand, and India enhance supply chain efficiency and reduce overall costs for our clients.
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Consolidation of Shipments

  • We excel in consolidating shipments across Southeast Asia, a region known for its logistical complexities.

  • Our expertise extends to managing multiple vendors and LCL (Less than Container Loads), effectively reducing logistics costs for our clients.

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High Packing Standards

  • We place a high emphasis on secure and meticulous packing.

  • This ensures that our products are well-protected during transit, maintaining their quality and minimizing the risk of damage.

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