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Reliable Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

At Align MFG, we specialize in the production of essential industrial components, such as Manholes, Vent Release Valves, Riser Seals, and Spill Containment systems. Our focus is on turning your precise specifications into high-quality, functional products.

Our Industrial Component Range

Industrial manhole (1)


Robustly produced for industrial safety and accessibility.

sanitary-equipment (3)

Vent Release Valves

Designed for optimal environmental pressure control, these key OEM components underscore our dedication to safety, precision, and reliability.

gears-cogwheels (3)

Riser Seals

Durable and reliable, ensuring system integrity in various conditions.

spill (1)

Spill Containment Systems

Made to meet specific industry safety and environmental standards.

Your Manufacturing Partner in the Industrial Sector

    Versatile Manufacturing Skills: Handling a diverse range of industrial manufacturing needs from die casting to precision machining.

    Quality-Driven Production: We focus on delivering functional and durable components that meet your project requirements.

    Effective Communication: Benefit from clear, straightforward communication with our English-speaking team, ensuring your project needs are understood and met.

Industrial Experience with Align MFG

At Align Manufacturing, our expertise isn’t just in following processes, it’s in understanding and fulfilling your industrial needs. Whether it's for the robust Oil and Gas sector, the dynamic Construction industry, or the demanding realms of Industrial manufacturing, we are equipped to handle your component requirements with care and precision. Our product range is diverse, including everything from vital flanges for Oil and Gas to essential industrial components such as Manholes and Vent Release Valves. With Align Manufacturing, expect precision, quality, and efficiency in every industrial solution we deliver.

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