Oil & Gas Gaskets

Facing challenges in the high-stakes oil and gas sector?

 Ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your operations is crucial, and that's where Align MFG steps in. We specialize in high-performance gaskets, a critical element for robust sealing solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Align MFG’s Custom Gaskets

Tailored to Specifications: Each gasket is custom-made to meet the specific requirements of your project, whether for pipelines, drilling equipment, or processing units.

Manufacturing technique:Utilizing diverse manufacturing processes such as sand casting, fabrication, high-pressure die casting (HPDC), low-pressure die casting (LPDC), forging, and investment casting, we ensure each gasket meets our rigorous quality standards. 

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Partnering with Align MFG for Your Gasket Needs

Our commitment to meeting project specifications, staying within budget, and ensuring on-time delivery of high-quality metal components

Align MFG is more than just a supplier; we are an industrial manufacturer, dedicated to delivering quality across a spectrum of industries. Contact us to explore how our gasket solutions can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operations, no matter your industry.

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Why Choose Align MFG?

under pressure

Durability Under Pressure

Designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures prevalent in the oil and gas sector.

Material Excellence

Material Excellence

We utilize metals like stainless steel, iron, and aluminium alloys, offering resistance to corrosion and chemical exposure.

Leak-Proof Sealing

Leak-Proof Sealing

A gasket's job is to prevent leaks, and our products excel in this. They are designed to fill the space between surfaces, maintaining a secure seal even under high compression.

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

Our gaskets are engineered through the precision stamping process. This means each gasket is crafted to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit and exceptional performance.

Align MFG:Quality Assurance, Extensive Network, and Swift Global Delivery


Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and AQL  quality control measures are in place to guarantee the performance and reliability of our gaskets.


Efficient Logistics and Delivery

We ensure timely and efficient delivery of gaskets, regardless of your global location.


Reliable Sourcing Network

Beyond China, our network spans Vietnam, India, and Thailand, offering a reliable supply of essential gasket components.

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Elevate the safety and efficiency of your oil and gas operations with Align MFG’s metal gasket solutions. Contact us today to find out how our custom gaskets can meet your specific needs in this dynamic and demanding industry.