High Pressure Die Casting in Vietnam

Affordable Precision

Dealing with high manufacturing costs?

Looking for precise metal parts?

Need a trusted die casting partner in Vietnam?


Explore the cost-effective precision of our metal die castings from Vietnam. Align MFG leverages Vietnam's high-pressure die casting expertise, ideal for producing large quantities at a lower cost per unit, ensuring high-quality results for your high-volume projects.

With our focus on efficiency and affordability, we make it possible for you to benefit durable metal components that meet your demands for both quality and budget.

Align MFG's Expertise in Vietnam

At Align MFG, we excel in die casting, specializing in aluminum or zinc materials. Our experience in Vietnam's manufacturing sector ensures each project is executed with utmost precision, meeting your exact standards and requirements.

Advantages of Choosing Vietnam with Align MFG

Cost Efficiency

Experience significant savings without sacrificing quality, thanks to Vietnam's competitive manufacturing landscape.

Quality and Precision

Our die casting process in Vietnam yields parts with exceptional detail and durability, adhering to the strictest quality standards.

Rapid Turnaround

Benefit from swift production timelines, enhancing your market responsiveness.

Our Projects

Die Cast Vent Release valve

  • Oil and Gas
  • High Pressure Die Cast
  • 380 ALUMINUM
  • Clear Anodizing 
  • 20,000 per year

From project planning to final delivery, we offer a full range of services:

  • Project Management: Our approach to project management is focused on efficiency and transparency, ensuring your project adheres to specified requirements, stays within budget, and meets set timelines.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous inspections and testing to ensure each product meets your specifications.
  • Client Support: Dedicated support to address your needs and ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Adaptable Manufacturing Network: Align MFG partners with an extensive array of factories throughout South East Asia, ensuring your unique requirements are met, particularly in demanding sectors like Oil & Gas.

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