Precision Machining in Thailand

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Thailand is rapidly emerging as a pivotal hub for precision machining in the manufacturing sector. This specialized process, known for its accuracy and attention to detail, is crucial for producing high-quality metal components such as steel or aluminium. Align MFG, with its robust factory in Thailand, stands at the forefront of this manufacturing technique.

Unmatched Reliability

We set the standard in dependable precision machining, ensuring every component meets your exacting needs.


Cost-Effective Solution

With Align MFG, experience the perfect balance of quality and affordability in Thailand.


Punctual Delivery

Time is of the essence, and our on-time delivery track record speaks for itself.


Align MFG's Precision Machining Capabilities in Thailand


CNC Machinery 

Our Thailand facilities are outfitted with CNC machines, enabling us to tackle a wide spectrum of machining tasks.

Skilled Professional Team

Operated by a cadre of highly trained professionals, ensuring each project receives the expertise it deserves.

Impeccable Accuracy for Complex Designs

We specialize in transforming intricate designs into precise, tangible components with unmatched accuracy for various industries .

Broad Range of Expertise

From standard to complex tasks, our capabilities cover an extensive array of precision machining needs.


Quality Assurance in Precision Machining

Quality is not just a goal but a guarantee at Align MFG. Our factories in thailand employ rigorous quality control measures, including AQL techniques, to ensure every component meets not only our standards but also those of our clients. A particular focus is placed on hitting tight tolerances, a key factor in the functionality and integration of machined parts​​.

Understanding that each project has its unique challenges, Align MFG offers precision machining services in Thailand. Our capabilities range from producing small, intricate parts to managing large-scale manufacturing projects, all tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

With our expertise in achieving precise dimensions, you can rest assured that your components will assemble flawlessly, saving you time and money.

Rigorous packing protocols to ensure safe and secure delivery of precision machined components.

Select Quality Raw Materials

Begin with choosing only the highest quality raw materials.

Equip with Specialized Tooling

Use specialized tooling for fixtures to maintain precision.

Program with Expertise

Have expert CNC operators program machinery to precise specifications.

Apply Protective Coating

Optionally enhance metal components with a suitable coating for performance and durability.

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