Stamping in Thailand

Extensive Product Offerings and Capabilities

Through our collaboration with leading Thai factories, Align MFG offers efficient metal stamping solutions.

Diverse Manufacturing Technologies

We utilize a wide array of manufacturing technologies in our stamping processes, enabling us to handle a variety of projects, from simple to complex.

Engineering Excellence

Our engineering capabilities are at the core of our operations. We offer design consultations and technical expertise to ensure that every stamped product meets your exact requirements.

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Stamping Capabilities in Thailand

Material Versatility:

We work with a range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminium, catering to various industry needs.

Industries Served:

Align MFG's stamping services primarily support sectors like oil and gas, construction, trucking and trailers, and industrial manufacturing, where the quality of metal components cannot be compromised.

Stamping Capabilities in Thailand

Project Management:

We oversee every aspect of your stamping project, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to your specifications.

Quality Assurance:

Align MFG's commitment to quality is reflected in our AQL quality control measures, ensuring that every stamped part meets the highest standards.

Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency:

Our strategic location in Thailand allows us to optimize logistics, ensuring cost-effective and timely delivery of your orders.

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The Stamping Process

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Pattern Development

Before stamping begins, we develop a precise pattern, ensuring each stamped part meets the exact design specifications of your project.

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Precision Stamping:

Our advanced machinery efficiently stamps the sheet metal, translating the developed pattern into high-quality metal components.

Efficiency, Precision, and Protection

  • Consolidation Expertise: Align MFG expertly reduces costs with efficient shipment consolidation in complex Southeast Asian logistics.
  • Tight Tolerance: We specialize in manufacturing parts with ultra-precise tolerances for flawless component integration.
  • Exceptional Packing Standards: Our superior packing practices ensure the utmost protection for goods during transit.

Ready to start your stamping project in Thailand?

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