Stamping in Vietnam


In the dynamic world of metal manufacturing, stamping stands out for its precision, efficiency, and versatility. Leveraging our expertise and capabilities, we deliver high-quality stamping solutions in Vietnam. Our team combines manufacturing technologies with deep industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

Benefits of Choosing Align MFG for Stamping in Vietnam


Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Quality Output

Adherence to strict quality control measures ensures superior products.

Efficient Turnarounds

Timely delivery, aligning with your project timelines.

Align MFG’s Stamping Capabilities in Vietnam

A wide range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminum.

Our stamping process, involving patterns and precision machinery, guarantees that each sheet metal component is stamped to meet the highest standards

Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries


Align MFG’s stamping services are tailored to various industries, including Oil & Gas, construction or automotive. Our portfolio of successful projects demonstrates our ability to adapt and deliver, regardless of the complexity or scale.

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We employ rigorous quality control measures, including:

  • AQL (Accepted Quality Level) for statistical quality checking.
  • Third-party testing options for added assurance.

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

Our Vietnam facilities operate with a focus on quality, ensuring that every product meets your specifications and industry standards.
Our strategic location in Vietnam positions us to be a key player in diversifying and securing your supply chain.

Alternative to Chinese Suppliers

Align MFG, with its strong presence in Vietnam, offers a dependable and cost-efficient alternative to Chinese suppliers, enhancing your supply chain diversity and resilience.

Shipment Consolidation for Cost Savings

We specialize in consolidating shipments across Southeast and South Asia, significantly reducing logistics costs for LCL shipments and streamlining your supply chain.

Precision in Meeting Tight Tolerances

Our commitment to precision ensures every component meets stringent tolerances, guaranteeing flawless integration and functionality in your projects.

Superior Packing Standards

 Align MFG employs rigorous packing standards to ensure every shipped item remains secure and undamaged, reflecting our dedication to quality and care in every order.

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Contact Align MFG today to discuss your stamping needs in Vietnam. Our team is eager to provide you with a quote and guide you through our seamless process.