Gravity Casting in India


Known for producing robust metal components, our operations in India combine local manufacturing strengths with our extensive expertise in gravity casting.

Benefits of Gravity Casting for Metal Components

Cost-Effective Solutions

Ideal for businesses grappling with budget constraints, gravity casting is notably economical, especially for medium to large components.

Material Versatility

We provide a wide range of material options, including Aluminium, ensuring the flexibility to meet diverse project requirements.


Quality Assurance

We strictly follow AQL standards in all our gravity casting processes in India, ensuring each product meets the highest quality benchmarks.

Precision Manufacturing

Our gravity casting process is designed to achieve very tight tolerances, crucial for metal components in precise applications.

India’s Manufacturing Landscape and Gravity Casting

India's strategic position in the manufacturing world, enhanced by skilled labor and advanced technology, makes it an ideal location for gravity casting. Align MFG taps into this potential, offering access to a network of factories capable of handling diverse, complex projects.

Efficient Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Consolidation of Shipments: We excel in consolidating shipments, reducing logistics costs, especially beneficial for LCL (Less than Container Loads) shipments from multiple vendors.
  • High Packing Standards: Recognizing the risks associated with transit, we maintain high packing standards to ensure safe delivery.

Custom Gravity Casting for Diverse Industries

Align MFG caters to a range of industries, from Oil & Gas to automotive and construction. We tailor our gravity casting services in India to meet specific project specifications, budgets, and timelines, with clear communication and experienced handling.

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Our Specialized Gravity Casting Process in India

Our gravity casting process in India is meticulously managed to ensure precision and quality. From the initial mold design to metal pouring and final finishing, each step is tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients, ensuring metal parts fit seamlessly into their larger systems.

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Your Strategic Manufacturing Partner Beyond China

Align MFG stands out as a reliable partner for firms looking for a stable and credible alternative to Chinese supply chain dependencies, with solid presence in India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Our gravity casting services in India not only promise reliability and quality but also ensure cost-efficiency. Reach out to discover how our tailored solutions can resolve your manufacturing challenges with precision and affordability.

With a focus on adapting to your unique requirements, we're here to support the transition of your production processes, enhancing your supply chain resilience and competitive edge in the global market.


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